Sex Coaching Los Angeles


Sex Coaching Los Angeles

Coaching can be a great option if you are an individual or couple looking to improve intimacy, to address specific questions or issues about sexual pleasure and/or navigate new sexual activities or relationships, but do not want to enter long-term therapeutic treatment. As a coaching client you can choose to have sessions online or in my office – making it a great option if you travel regularly, have a busy schedule or live outside the Greater Los Angeles area.

How is Sex Coaching different from Sex Therapy?

Sex coaching is a short-term, solution-focused modality that can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to psychotherapy. Sex coaching focuses on providing customized guidance where you can address specific issues, identify current obstacles, set concrete goals and work towards achieving those goals in each session. It can can help you overcome mental barriers, master new skills to enhance sexual pleasure, learn helpful information about sex and sexuality, and build self-awareness around specific topics. Some common tools that are integrated into sex coaching include mindfulness, body-mind awareness, up-to-date education and resources, communication skills, self-awareness and sexual skill exercises to do at-home with self or partner(s).

Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy that often explores current and past experiences, relationship patterns as well as emotional, mental and physical factors that can impact your sexuality and sexual health. Psychotherapy can also treat other mental health diagnoses that may affect your overall wellbeing such as Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, depression, anxiety and addiction.

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Coaching for Couples

Couples coaching allows partners to identify their challenges around sex and sexuality and find concrete skills and tools to address these challenges. Coaching can be helpful for all different types of relationships including pre-marital, monogamous, non-traditional relationship configurations as well as any relationship that may be exploring or transiting from one configuration to another like monogamous to polyamory. Coaching can help partners learn the communication skills needed for deep intimacy, master new sexual skills, explore preferences/needs, and improve sexual-esteem and satisfaction.

Some of the issues addressed in Sex Coaching can include:

  • Increasing sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  • Expanding sexual repertoire and skills
  • Ethically navigating polyamorous/open relationships or other Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM)
  • Boundary and agreement setting
  • Safely navigating new sexual activities
  • Painful sex
  • Mismatched libido (low/high) in your relationship(s)
  • Integrating sex and intimacy into your busy life or relationship
  • Sexual inexperience or lack of adult sex education
  • Body image
  • Internalized or externalized homophobia
  • Sexual boredom
  • Curiosity with consensual kink, BDSM, fetish fantasy or play
  • Building confidence or sexual self-esteem
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or infections
  • Gender Identity and expression needs
  • Sexual expression and communication
  • Navigating stages of sexual & gender identity development
  • Improving sexual safety & self-care practices
  • Deciding whether or not to transition and all the highly personal choices along the way (hormone therapy, surgery etc)

I look forward to helping couples heal and reach a place where they have a healthy outlook regarding sex and sexual activity. If you think you and your partner would benefit by talking about any challenges you might be facing please give me a call to set up a time to speak. Let’s talk!

Relationship Sex Coaching for Individual Clients

Relationship coaching can also be for individual clients. In relationship coaching, we will explore your past relationships, challenge harmful, limiting beliefs and identify the underlying patterns or causes to chronic dissatisfaction in romantic relationships. Clients are given support as they work through dating inexperience, dating insecurities or low self-esteem. Clients that chronically find themselves with unavailable partners or obsessing over a new romantic partner that impacts their well-being are given the tools to overcome these challenges.

You Can Experience a Satisfying Sex Relationship!

Through working with me, many of my clients have found satisfying romantic relationships, a new sense of confidence and a new identity-based in self-worth and acceptance. Here are some common issues that are addressed in relationship coaching:

  • Attachment
  • Attracting The Wrong People
  • Authenticity
  • Body Image
  • Boundaries
  • Codependency
  • Commitment
  • Communication skills
  • Dating Help
  • Intimacy
  • Letting Go / Closure
  • “Love Anorexia”
  • “Love Addiction”
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-acceptance
  • Sexual skills

Not in Los Angeles or don’t want to meet in person? Not a problem! I offer coaching and Sex Therapy online.

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