Sex Therapy Men Los Angeles CA


Sex Therapy Men Los Angeles CA


Congratulations for taking the first step to sexual well-being by seeking knowledge, understanding, and help! You may be feeling uneasy about seeking out a sex therapist and feel there is a stigma surrounding sexual ‘issues’ for men. The fact is, not taking action can lead to worsening feelings of isolation, grief, fear, and anxiety. Just by reading this, you have already taken the first courageous step to mental and sexual wellness!

Safe, Confidential, and Effective Sex Therapy for Men

Sex therapy is a safe and confidential way to explore the root causes of your concerns, create an action plan, and resolve them. Furthermore, sex-positive therapy focuses on helping clients feel more confident so these issues don’t continue to distract and weigh you down. Sessions are motivating, compassionate, honest, direct, and most of all, supportive. Through therapy, you will discover the mental, emotional, and physical factors contributing to your sexual struggles and gain tools to help mitigate the negative impact these concerns have on your day-to-day activities and interactions.

This holistic, solution-focused approach will also allow you to work through these and other common symptoms:

+ Anxiety
+ Feelings of depression
+ Challenging relationships
+ Addiction issues
+ Life stressors

While experiencing these issues, clients can feel like there is just no end in sight. This can often be remedied by understanding the connection between your body and intimacy. We will explore the cultural, familial, and religious influences that can otherwise be overlooked as impacting your sexual wellness. We will also work through any issues that may be affecting your daily life and overall wellbeing like anxiety, depression, addiction, and challenging relationships. As a licensed therapist working with men, I will give you the tools you need to resolve your deepest concerns, achieve sexual wellness, and enjoy the kind of relationships you desire. Let’s talk!

Some common concerns that are addressed in sessions with my male clients:

+ Problems sustaining an erection
+ Difficulty getting an erection
+ Low or high libido
+ Anxiety around sex or your sexual performance
+ Ejaculating sooner, later or not when you want
+ Lack of sexual communication with a partner
+ Infidelity or an affair
+ Sexual shame
+ Sexual trauma/abuse
+ Compulsive behavior surrounding love, sex, pornography use, and masturbation

+ Not feeling desired or sexy
+ Sexual boredom
+ Discomfort around kink, BDSM, fetish fantasy or play
+ Desire discrepancies in a relationship
+ Male infertility
+ Sexual/pelvic pain
+ Prostate health
+ Sexual aversion
+ Loss of confidence or sexual self-esteem
+ Stress related to a partner’s sexual health or diagnosis
+ Sexually transmitted disease or infections


It is my goal to help you live your daily life with a newfound confidence that comes with understanding your own sexual desires and how negative influences and old programming could be causing you unhappiness. I want to assure you that it is not necessary to continue living with these concerns and encourage you to reach out to me either by phone or online.

Live an authentic, connected, fulfilling life, in the bedroom and beyond.